Aneid Italy Srl delivers products exclusively in Italy. Those who register but do not live in Italy must still have a place of delivery of the products on the Italian territory for the purchase on site Aneid Italy Shop.

Products purchased will be delivered by Aneid Italy Srl address.

The products will be delivered during every working day. Aneid Italy Srl will not be liable for any errors in addresses (street or house number); the failure indication of the result in the automatic cancellation of the order; in case of error in giving the address, the customer will be contacted by telephone at the telephone number left. If you have not provided any telephone number the order will be automatically canceled

The invoice for the orders delivered by courier will be placed inside the package. No change in the bill will be possible after the issuance thereof

Without this leading to restrictions Aneid Italy Srl, the goods are delivered within 5 days after dispatch of the order confirmation always subject to verification of the regularity of the payment and for carrying out the same. In the case of orders where they have reached Aneid Italy Srl reports of abnormalities of payment such as the mismatch of the name of the person registered and the owner of the credit card, the products are delivered within 5 working days from happens confirmation of the regularity payment or at least starting from the end of the tests that will be necessary to ensure the regularity of the payment If the products were not delivered after 5 working days of the order confirmation, the customer can send an email to with the subject "delivery failure" including your name. After receiving the e-mail and after the appropriate research, Aneid Italy Srl will contact the customer within 2 working days to solve the problem or to the explanation of the reasons for non-fulfillment.