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Taping Neuromuscolare Trattamento Di Edemi, Ematomi e Cicatrici di David Blow

432 pages. richly illustrated

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The text presents implementing rules and benefits of Neuromuscular Taping, especially the Linfotaping, drainage postsurgical and posttraumatic.
An in-depth theoretical part on the lymphatic and vascular supports and enriches the practical content of over 90 boards explaining in an analytical and detailed, thanks to the use of many images, the correct procedure for implementing Taping neuromuscular type decompressivo- lymphatic on the various parts of the body.
Considerable space is devoted to the application technique of edema, bruises and scars, broken down by types and features.
They also illustrate, with specific cards, the benefits of the combination of the bandage with lymphatic type restraining Taping decompression.
A comprehensive discussion of several clinical cases with neuromuscular taping decompression complete the work.